Cooroy Buzzing

This week was all about the Cooroy business community and library. And we have fantastic support from all sectors. We have the award winning Cooroy library’s foyer display area for the whole of June 2017, so if you are a Cooroy/Noosa resident you will see the conference information and some fabulous ceramics from local and overseas artists. Other surprises will be happening at the library – all under wraps at the moment.

Then we had lunch with the lovely Danielle Taylor who is the chair of the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce. This group is very active, and put out website and publications about what’s coming up in Cooroy – so early 2017, you will see Smoke on the Water featuring in their media.

Looking for a site for the MiniGama – Minikilns event, Kari and Ellen discovered a corner of the Lower Mill Site that is simply perfect for the event, we are very excited. Then meeting Stuart, President of the Camphor Laurel Woodworkers, was another revelation and they generate enormous amounts of wood offcuts and sawdust… say no more, they are involved!

The other fantastic news is we are starting to build our volunteer team leaders, so essential as our small steering committee are starting to need more help. We already have the Accommodation Fairy, Carol Forster, working away and finding accommodation and travel for delegates. Just this week the wonderful Sophy Blake has committed to be our Volunteers Coordinator – Our “Volunteers Guiding Light”. Thanks Sophy and welcome to our team.

Onwards and upwards.


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