Potquiz will be a fun filled night!

In 2012, at the Triennial Australian National Conference in Adelaide, Janet Mansfield was approached with the proposal for a ceramic quiz show. On hearing what it was to be, her words “I love it” sealed its future. It was the brain child of Andrew Bryant, who was already well known as that guy who performs “The Potter’s Party”, a poetry recital like no other that was inspired by 1980’s Australian comedian, Austen Tayshus. The poem was written by Bryant and he was invited to tell his cheeky tale at conferences, which tells the story of a lovesick mate needing help to find a girl. As the narrative unravels, the risqué nature of the account explodes and the excitement begins as over 80 ceramic terms are cajoled into the prose. The first performance of Pot Quiz was at the ceramic conference in Gulgong, 2013. The recital, which has been dubbed as ‘the ceramic eulogy’ by Rob Barren, has been used as the opening sequence to Pot Quiz previously and will feature again in this Woodfiring conference in Cooroy.

Pot Quiz is a fun packed hour where the focus is ceramics. The panellists are plucked from the garden of ceramic royalty and are allowed to blossom with a display of their ceramic knowledge, wit and candour. Bryant spins them in a wash that mixes “Spicks and Specks”, “Rockwiz” and “Family Feud” together, resulting in a colourful and fresh performance that is a real crowd pleaser. This conference will have a section where the audience can participate directly with the action, by filling in a brief survey sheet at registration. The performance at the Woodfiring conference is of course tailored to a Woodfiring contingency but anyone that has even touched upon the language of ceramics will find this part of the conference an exhilarating and fun-filled event.





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