Conference Team

We have a small steering committee who are beavering away at the planning, artistic direction and putting in the building blocks for the conference. There are several consultants who we call on from time to time and the list of volunteers is growing We thank them very sincerely for their commitment and time in support of Smoke on the Water.

The Steering Committee

  • Kari – Weaver
  • Rowley Drysdale – Artistic Director
  • Isaac Patmore – Inspiration Genie
  • Ellen Appleby – Admin Archangel


  • Accommodation Fairy – Carol Forster
  • Money Magician – Sandra Coglan
  • Design Diva – Belinda Stanton
  • Cyberspace Guru – Jen Spiers
  • Events and Venues Master – Renton Bishopric
  • Food Wizard – Julie Wall
  • Volunteers Guiding Light- Sophy Blake
  • Maker’s Tent Magic Maker – Bec Lindemann and Yeats Gruin
  • Local Clay Extravaganza – Kevin Grealy and Leisa Gunton
  • Exhibitions Butter Factory Arts Centre- Jackie Gasson and team
  • MC and Pot Quiz Compère – Andrew Bryant
  • Sets and Props Builder – Stephen Roberts


  • Finance and Business – Ross Hepworth
  • Johanna De Maine
  • Jackie Gasson