Cooroy Small Halls


Just about every small hall in Cooroy will be showing an exhibitions of ceramics, and are listed below. They are all free.

Opening times are on the Smoke on the Water program.


Influential Woodfirers of Qld – Honouring the First Wave 

Anglican Church Hall, Tewantin Rd


Smoke on the Water
(presenters and delegates) 

There are two exhibitions at this venue, the first is the guest presenters from Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA and Australia featuring 3 potters from Darnley Island, Australia’s most northern woodfired kiln. Our focus on young woodfirers from the Pacific Rim, women and Indigenous woodfirers makes this exhibition unique and an important contribution to the Australian woodfire calendar. The second is the delegates exhibition, where all the delegates have been invited to bring a piece of work. These two exhibitions are curated by Jackie Gasson and team of volunteers from Suncoast Clayworkers.

Venue: Butter Factory Arts Centre, 11A Maple St, Cooroy

Exhibition Dates: Thursday 29th June – Saturday 1st July – 10am to 4pm

Official Opening: Wednesday 28th June, 6.30pm



Ted Secombe, Cher Shackleton, Jackie Gasson

A unique exhibition bringing together three ceramic artists and friends from across Australia; Ted Secombe from Victoria, Cher Shackleton from Western Australia and Jackie Gasson from Queensland. Each artist has a different approach to creating work that has been fired in either a salt, soda or wood fired environment.
Their works displays the uniqueness of atmospheric firings at its best.
St. John’s Hall

28th June to 1st July, 10.00am to 4.00pm.



Journey with wood fired pottery A collector’s international survey.

As a collector of wood fired pottery since nearly 40 years I feel honoured to be able to show some of the art work of my collection during the international ceramics conference “Smoke on the Water”. It includes work by artists from Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA and Japan.

Collector: Gunter Schwarz

At: Cooroy Scout Hall
Opening hours : Wed 1pm- 4 pm, Thu & Fri 10am – 4pm, Sat 10 am – 1 pm
Official opening: Thursday 29 June, 6 pm

Cooroy Clay Project – A Celebration of Local Materials

Four regional potters…Tobias de Maine, Tamara Sladojevic, Leisa Gunton and Kevin Grealy have explored the potential of Cooroy clay across a range of applications from handbuilding, wheel throwing, slip casting, refractories and as a substitute for kaolin in glazes. The results are displayed during the conference in the foyer of the Cooroy Library.




151 Musavale Road – A Wood Fired Ceramics Exhibition

Quixotica Gallery  (open from 29th June to 1st July)



26th South

Woodfirers from below the line


26th South Wood Firers Exhibition is a convergence of place and people.  A survey and a celebration of the achievements made by notable, practicing Australian Wood firers attending Smoke on the Water 2017.  Not represented in any other show during the conference, this unique cluster of works and people encapsulate wood firing in all its diversity. 

at: Cooroy Sports Hub, 5 Opal St, Cooroy                    

Exhibition Dates: Thursday 29th June – Saturday 1st July

10am to 4pm

Official Opening: 8pm 30 JUNE  

Bar & Wood fired Pizza


Pots in Shops

Cooroy’s longest exhibition 


The exhibition runs concurrently with the conference 28th June to 1st July to showcase ceramics from delegates and current Ceramic Centre for Excellence members. Local businesses have graciously handed over their much treasured window space to create mini shop-front exhibitions.

It is designed so that the public can tour the Cooroy businesses to view and purchase a wide selection of ceramics.  Artists contact mobile phone numbers will be displayed for that purpose.

Image from http://www.visitnoosa.com.au/country-drive-villages/cooroy


The Matchbox Show

Each matchbox contains a glimpse into one artist’s world.  A look through their eyes at the world as they know it.  Not only does this exhibition continue to promote ceramics and creative industry, it also creates a global platform for discussion and collaboration between artists from all cultures. The quirky nature of this collection holds appeal on many levels, from the all-familiar repetition of a matchbox, to the narratives and expressions held within. It is an innovative collective project which showcases artists across genres, and intrigues, puzzles and amazes art lovers everywhere.  The invitation to add work to the growing collection continues…

at: Discover Eumundi – Heritage and Visitor Centre, Cnr Gridley St & Memorial Dve Eumundi

 Official Opening: 10am SATURDAY 01 JULY 2017                        

Exhibition Dates: 01 July to 16 July 2017

Discover Eumundi Hours : Mon – Fri 10am to 3pm, Saturday – 10am to 2pm, Sunday – 10am to 1pm

Pots & Rocks
– A collection of ceramic art and curated crystal specimens 

Pots and Rocks explores the beauty of mineral specimens; both natures sculptures and man made vessels. The process of heating minerals through a quartz conversion is how we turn clay into ceramics and is also one of the processes of the geology of our planet. Humans have been drawn towards exploring this process since our time on earth began.

Artists:  Renton Bishopric, Clare Botfield, Steve Bishopric, Sue McBurnie, Matt Griffiths,

At: Cinnabar Soul, 69 Memorial Drive Eumundi (Next door to Post Office)

Times: 9am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday

Exhibition Opening Event: 8:30am Saturday 1st July 2017


Inflamed : Impassioned Woodfiring


Inflamed : Impassioned Woodfiring features the work of over 40 Australian
wood firers . The pieces have been chosen by the makers to reflect their
wood firing passions and practises.  

MAKERS GALLERY is happy to open outside normal hours to give delegates the opportunity to see the diverse work that is INFLAMED. 

Contact via M 0417886185. All pieces in the show will also be
on the MAKERS GALLERY website

MAKERS GALLERY 53 Jackson Street Clayfield Qld 4011

21 June-16 July 2017

Suvira Macdonald